Lucy Kubly, a local Middleton, Wisconsin artist, appreciates the technical and creative qualities of glass on metal which is otherwise known as enameling. For fifteen years she has been creating necklaces and enamel tiles, and loves constructing the one-of-a-kind pieces which reflects her personality and creativity. Her inspiration arises from nature, her children and openness to the flow of life. During the cloisonné process (adding the fine silver wire) you will see reflections of nature’s golden ratio, the representation of wind by Attie Kubly (her 7 year old daughter), sand dollars and floating cells. The color of enamels are inspired by vacations to the beach, the splendor of autumn in Wisconsin and the rich blend of natural beauty. In addition, she adds splashes of fine metals such as gold and silver that brings out the brilliance of color in enamels.

Lucy utilizes the champleve and cloisonné methods. Champleve is the art of creating an imprint on the base metal. Cloisonné is the process of taking wire, creating cells and filling the cells with enamel. With these two techniques and the endless types of transparent enamels, she produces a brilliant surface with depths of techniques that intrigue the eye.

Enameling is an ancient technique that dates back to the 13th century BC. The basic concept of the process is heating powdered glass onto metal in a kiln at 1400-1500°F. The high heat melts the glass powder, fusing it to the metal, making it a highly polished piece of artwork. Most of the beauty from transparent and opaque enamels cannot be obtained on the first try, but over several firings. Finessing and revising techniques makes this finicky media satisfying and alluring in its final form.

Lucy hopes you enjoy her personal art. If you are enlivened by her artwork and can visualize a custom piece, she is open to suggestions and ideas for a personalized custom piece or installation. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about enameling!